Introducing the shortcut "Learn" button

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a shortcut "Learn" button. This can be used to immediately start any of the lessons on the Online Lessons page.

Now, it looks like this:

Lessons list now

Previously the list of lessons looked like this:

Lingopolo turning professional

I am in the process of graduating from Founder Institute. This is a 4 1/2 month boot-camp for entrepreneurs. My aim is to take Lingopolo from being a part-time hobby into a viable business. This is good news for you, as it means than I will be able to invest much more time in making Lingopolo the truly world-class language-teaching product which I would like it to be.

Founder Institute logo

"Mark this word as fully known" now not shown if word is already fully known

Until now, whenever you got a question right, Lingopolo would always ask you whether you want to ""Mark this word as fully known (i.e. move it to level 10)":

Mark this word as fully known

Questions answered correctly now not repeated in same quiz

Questions answered correctly are now not repeated in the same quiz. Hooray!

Previously, it was possible when you answered a word correctly in a quiz, for the same word to be asked again. This was of course rather annoying, and not very helpful. Well, I'm pleased to announce that now, as far as possible, if you answer a word correctly, you will not be asked the same word again in that quiz. This of course is how it should be, and no longer annoying, and much more helpful.

I hope that this will help you focus on those words and phrases which you don't yet know so well.

Multi-choice questions now show your wrong answer

Previously, if you were answering a multi-choice question, and got the answer wrong, Lingopolo only showed you the correct answer:

Wrong answer originally

Now, Lingopolo will remind you which answer you wrongly selected:

Wrong answer new

It's only a small change, but a little bit more user-friendly.

Average Level and Words Mastered now displayed on home page

A recent change on the home page is to add the Average Level and the Words Mastered to the home page display.

Previously the home page displayed just the Words Known as follows. The problem with this however is that it gives no indication of whether the words are well known (i.e. have a level approaching 10), or are only very slightly known (i.e. have an average level nearer to 1).

Words Known old

New lessons for the "Top 10 prepositions"

Update 1 May 2017:  Since this blog post was written, prepositions are now reorganised in groups of 10 words and can be found at Prepositions Courses

I'm pleased to announce the addition of 2 new lessons:

High scores now displayed at the end of quizzes

I'm very pleased to announce the display of the high scores for the lesson and for all the Thai words at the end of a quiz.

The image below gives an example. In this there is a new high score of 4.2 mastered words for the lesson (for example the lesson of Verbs, or the lesson on Animals). There is also a high score of 23.9 mastered Thai words; this shows the level of mastery of all the Thai words in the system.

"Welcome to Lingopolo Thai" video

You might well have noticed that on the home page when you are not logged in the following video:

It's not quite Hollywood, but I think it makes a nice addition.

Simplified quiz answer format

The way quiz answers are displayed has been improved by the removal of the Thai script.

This may seem strange that removing something can improve it, but the reason I think it improves things is that, unless doing the quiz for reading or writing, the emphasis should be on listening. Therefore, the student should be listening very carefully to the audio and not trying to read the Thai text.

Below is an example of the new, simplified, quiz answer format.