New Thai lesson: Adverbs of Time

I am pleased to announce the addition of a new Thai lesson: Adverbs of Time.

My level of Thai is beginning to creep above the beginner level, and I'm more and more wanting to express myself with adverbs of time, things like now, before that, tomorrow, yesterday and so on. This lesson pulls together all those wordsin one place.

Now around 300 French recordings!

I am pleased to say that we have now reached around 300 French recordings:

French Statistics

You can check the French Statistics page at any time for the most recent figures.

Number of words in each lesson now shown

I am pleased to announce the addition of a "Words" count column for each lesson. This lets you know at a glance how many words are in any given lesson before going into it.

words count column

New lessons: Relatives and Telling the time

I am pleased to announce two new lessons: Relatives and Telling the time.

Both of them are pretty tricky to master, because Thai operates very differently from English.

Lingopolo French is born!

I am pleased to announce, that from 29th October 2013, Lingopolo is now available for French!

Lingopolo has steadily been teaching Thai for the last year, but now the moment has come to add French to the family.

Now over 2500 Thai recordings, with more and more sample sentences

I am pleased to report that Lingopolo now has over 2500 Thai recordings (2547 as of today: 1793 Thai words, 755 Thai phrases and 22 Thai dialogues). This is already around 500 more than when I blogged about the statistics less than 2 months ago. In percentage terms that's around 25% more.

Happy 1st birthday to Lingopolo!

One year ago today, on 29th September 2013, Lingopolo was born!

This is perhaps a good time to reflect on what has been achieved so far. I say so far, because there are many things I still want to do with the website to make it even better. But as I pause and take a look at what has been achieved already, I must admit that I am very happy with the progress so far toward the vision I have for Lingopolo.

Already the website has over 1700 words, over 500 phrases, and over 20 dialogues (as of today there are 1701, 557 and 22 respectively).

Over 2000 Thai recordings!

I am pleased to say that Lingopolo now has well over 2000 Thai recordings!

Indeed, at the moment of writing there are 2091 Thai recordings, consisting of 1611 Thai words, 481 Thai phrases, and 18 Thai dialogues.

I unfortunately missed the moment when Lingopolo passed the 2000 Thai recordings mark, but I am pleased to also announce a new Thai Statistics page to be able to more easily see exactly how many recordings there currently are.

For the record, here is a list of the progress so far:

New quiz type: Automatic

One of the recent additions is a new quiz type: automatic.

What is it? How is it used? 

New quiz type: Multi-choice

I am very pleased to officially announce a new quiz type: multi-choice. It's been around in an early form for about a month, but now I'm finally happy with the way it works, I'm happy to announce it.

Example of selecting the multi-choice quiz type:

multi-choice quiz type