A volunteer page

Now that Lingopolo has become free, we are going to be increasingly reliant on volunteers to help add new recordings and to do all the work around publishing them.

To that end I have created a new page specifically to invite volunteers.

Volunteer page

Lingopolo content becomes free to share and build upon

I am pleased to announce that Lingopolo is now opening up all the recordings to make them  free to share and build upon.

Now you are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

This follows on from the fact that now Lingopolo becomes 100% free.

Lingopolo becomes 100% free

I am excited and extremely pleased to announce that, as of today, Lingopolo becomes 100% free.

Previously there had been a monthly or annual membership subscription if you wanted to use Lingopolo. But no more; it is now 100% free.

Why? How, then, is Lingopolo going to make money?

A little bit of history

For the why, let me first explain a little bit of history and my original plans.

Lingopolo French now has over 8000 recordings!

I am very happy to announce that Lingopolo French has now over 8000 recordings! Check out the French Statistics page for the latest number.

Nearly 2 years ago, in our blog post of April 2015 we announced over 4000 recordings, but now we have double that number.

Course locks and timers

One of the latest features in Lingopolo is course timers and locks. The problem previously is that you would be faced with lots of courses, some of which you might have studied a bit, and some not, and you never quite knew where you should be studying next.

The introduction of course timers and locks will show you exactly where you should study.

The initial state for each set of courses is for the first course to be unlocked and the others to be locked: 

Mastery Scores bar now always visible

A little enhancement just added: the Mastery Scores (High Scores) bar at the top of the screen will now stay visible at all times (on a full-size screen) when you scroll up and down. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on how you're doing:

Mastery Scores bar stays in place

Courses broken up into lessons of 10 words each

I am pleased to announce that the Lingopolo courses have now been broken up into lessons of 10 words each. This will make it much easier for you to learn the language in bite-sized chunks without getting overwhelmed by the huge number of words in any given course.

For example, the Animals Courses page now looks as follows:

Animals Courses

Beautiful new course page design

I am delighted to be able to present to you a beautiful new course page design.

New course page design

Here are all the things to look out for:

Improved course layout

I am pleased to announce improved course layout pages. For example, the Themed Thai Courses now look as follows:

courses layout now

Basically the idea is to display a lot more courses at a glance. This will make it easier to select the course you want without having to scroll and scroll.

For comparison, here is the old layout:

Mastery Scores and High Scores constantly displayed

One of the small but powerful changes recently has been the addition of your Mastery Scores and your High Scores at the top of the page whenever you are logged in.

This is a very useful addition to help keep you motivated to improve.

It will show your overall score for Thai, and then that value broken down into the your mastery of words and of phrases. Finally, if you are within a lesson, it will show you what your mastery of that lesson is.

Can you beat your high score?