Quiz type selection is now remembered

I'm pleased to announce that the Lesson Quiz type which you select will now be remembered and used until you change it again.

The quiz type is set in the Lesson Quiz tab. What this means is that if, for example, you select to do the Reading quizzes, all the quizzes will be Reading quizzes until you select something else.

8 differences between Lingopolo and Duolingo

1. Lingopolo is a non-profit

Lingopolo is a non-profit, whose aim is to bring the best language-learning to the world for free.

Duolingo is a company, whose principal aim is to make a profit.

2. Lingopolo has tens of thousands of dollars investment

Lingopolo has currently had a tens of thousands of dollars spent on it.

Duolingo has received $108 million dollars of investment and is worth around $700 million.

New Buildings courses

I am very pleased to announce the new courses on Buildings.

Here is the screenshot of the Buildings Courses in Thai:

The Buildings Courses in French:

Can you help us bring the world free Dutch lessons? No Dutch knowledge required!

You may know that Lingopolo offers Dutch lessons which are 100% free and that are free to share and build upon. We are currently looking for volunteers to help improve the Dutch content we offer.

How Lingopolo plans to work from any language, to any language

In an earlier post announcing that Lingopolo becomes 100% free, I wrote about how I'm preparing to build Lingopolo into the world's best system for anybody to learn any-language, from any-language, for free.

Here I would like to explain how this "any-language to any-language" will be done.

What we currently have

Currently, we have only 3 language pairs available.

New "Revise" button

I'm pleased to announce that from now on a new "Revise" button will be appearing on lessons:

Revise button

A volunteer page

Now that Lingopolo has become free, we are going to be increasingly reliant on volunteers to help add new recordings and to do all the work around publishing them.

To that end I have created a new page specifically to invite volunteers.

Volunteer page

Lingopolo content becomes free to share and build upon

I am pleased to announce that Lingopolo is now opening up all the recordings to make them  free to share and build upon.

Now you are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

This follows on from the fact that now Lingopolo becomes 100% free.

Lingopolo becomes 100% free

I am excited and extremely pleased to announce that, as of today, Lingopolo becomes 100% free.

Previously there had been a monthly or annual membership subscription if you wanted to use Lingopolo. But no more; it is now 100% free.

Why? How, then, is Lingopolo going to make money?

A little bit of history

For the why, let me first explain a little bit of history and my original plans.

Lingopolo French now has over 8000 recordings!

I am very happy to announce that Lingopolo French has now over 8000 recordings! Check out the French Statistics page for the latest number.

Nearly 2 years ago, in our blog post of April 2015 we announced over 4000 recordings, but now we have double that number.