Lesson Progress tab added

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a "Lesson Progress" tab for each lesson.  This shows exactly which words are at each level of progress.  

For example, in the following  image, it shows that the Thai words for bedroom, book, double room and to sleep have reached Level 3 for the Bedroom Thai lesson.  Previously, you could see that, for example, there were 4 words which had reached level 3, but you would not be able to see what those words were.  Now, you have a clear view for each lesson exactly which words are at which level.  The "Lesson Progress" tab has a number of subtabs (labelled "Unstarted", "Level 1", "Level 2" etc.).  Each of these subtabs show the words at that level.

Lesson Progress

The "Lesson Progress" tab is accessible from the "Lesson Summary" page of any lesson.  For example, below is the Bedroom Thai lesson and you can see the new "Lesson Progress" tab which takes you to the screen shown above.

In addition, you can see below that the "Started words", "Unstarted words" and "Total words" will link you to the related words.

Finally, when there are one or more words at a given level, there will be a direct link to that tab, so for example in the picture below "Level 2 words: 5" links to the five words at level 2.

Lesson Progress - new tab