New checkbox for use when you already know a word

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a "Mark this word as fully known" checkbox.  Selecting this checkbox will basically mean that you will not be asked that particular word any more. How does that help?  Well, if you are an advanced learner, and are doing (say) the lesson on animals, if there is a word you already know because you have learnt it before coming to Lingopolo, then you can now tell Lingopolo not to bother you again with that word.  In the screen shown below, if you were to click the "Mark this word as fully known (i.e. move it to level 10)" checkbox, then the word monkey would now behave as a level 10 word.

Basically, before this addition, Lingopolo was only really much use to beginners, since any advanced user would have had to wade through all the words they already knew, just to be able to learn any words which they didn't.  Now, if you are already an advanced student, you can use this little check box to tell Lingopolo about the words you already know.

So, does that mean that the system will never ask you the word again?  Almost.  The word will then obey the standard rules for all other level 10 words. Basically this means that it will get asked very occassionaly, but only when you are doing so well on all the other words in the lesson that there is nothing else better to ask you. For more details about this, read the FAQ What do the levels mean for the words in a lesson?

Mark this word as fully known checkbox