Phrases get Thai text added

One change I have just finished is the automatic calculation of the Thai text for phrases. The image below shows how one of the Thai phrases previously looked.  Although each of the individual words may well have the Thai text, the phrase itself did not.  Of course, it would have been possible for me to treat each of the Thai phrases as if they were individual words, and simply to manually add the Thai text.  This would have been possible, but a bit of a waste of my time; if the underlying words all have the Thai text on them, then it should be more than possible for the phrase to have the Thai text added automatically.

Literal breakdown (before)


Tada!!  The image below shows how things are now for all the phrases.  They automatically calculate the Thai text from the underlying words.

literal breakdown (after change)


Have a look at our Dictionary of Thai phrases for more examples, and when you see the Thai text, you'll hopefully appreciate it that little bit more.