Fantastic new prices!

I'm very pleased to announce some fantastic new prices for Lingopolo!

The 1-year membership drops a stunning 40% to only €4.95 per month (from €99 to €59.40 for 12 months).

And the 1-month membership drops an amazing 50% from €19.95 to €9.95.

In addition, I'm pleased to announce new 3-months and 6-months membership options.

So, if you've been hesitating up until now because of the cost of Lingopolo, there has never been a better time to invest in your language ability.

The new membership plans:


I'm very pleased with a recent addition to Lingopolo: Courses. A course is basically a twinned pair of:

  • a vocabularly lesson (e.g. Vegetables)
  • an examples lesson (e.g. Vegetables Examples)

In the vocabularly lesson you will find just the words on their own. In the examples lesson, you will find all the example phrases which use these words.


If you have been using Lingopolo recently, you cannot possibly have missed the latest addition: gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, funny, lovely photos!

Many, many of the words, and quite a few of the phrases, and even one or two of the dialogues now have photos, for example:

photo on "bear" page

And now that many words and phrases have photos, the summary page for each lesson gets its own slideshow of photos from that lesson:

Lessons directly integrated with words, phrases and dialogues

I am very pleased to announce that lessons are now directly accessible from their related words, phrases and dialogues.

Phrase tabs

New Thai-English dictionary and other dictionary improvements

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of a Thai-English dictionary, together with many other dictionary improvements.

Firstly, the Thai-English dictionary. This is something which I've had in mind to add for a very long time, every since the creating the English-Thai dictionary. It's now available and, as a student of Thai myself, I find it very interesting to look at an alphabetic list of words all beginning with the same letter.

Total number of words and phrases known now displayed

I am pleased to announce that Lingopolo now displays the total number of words and phrases known (the "All Known" statistics): 

Home page 3 columns

Previously, only the number of Words Known and separately the number of Phrases Known was displayed:

Home page 2 columns

Lingopolo now mobile friendly

I am pleased to announce that Lingopolo is now mobile friendly.

In the not so distant past, if you tried to use Lingopolo on a mobile device, this is what it would look like:

iphone 4 view originally

Yes, it was microscopically tiny text.

Lessons now display words and phrases separately

I am pleased to announce that lessons now display separately the words and phrases in a lesson:

Lesson words and phrases displayed

For comparison, the old style showed all the words and phrases bundled up together:

Lesson words and phrases old style

Now over 4000 Thai recordings!

I am pleased to announce that we now have over 4000 Thai recordings!

The current total can always be checked at the Thai Statistics page, but at the time of writing the situation is as follows:

Thai Statistics

New and radically improved algorithm for word and phrase teaching order

I'm very pleased to announce a new and radically improved algorithm for word and phrase teaching order. The technical details will get a bit, well, technical, but the basic message is simple: Lingopolo will now teach you the Thai words and phrases in a much more optimal order.