More vegetables

I am pleased to say that I have added a whole bunch of new vegetables to the Thai vegetables lesson.  There were a few vegetables before, but I decided to beef it up (vegetable it up?) with a concerted effort to get a fairly definitive list of basic vegetables.

New additions include:

Phrases get Thai text added

One change I have just finished is the automatic calculation of the Thai text for phrases. The image below shows how one of the Thai phrases previously looked.  Although each of the individual words may well have the Thai text, the phrase itself did not.  Of course, it would have been possible for me to treat each of the Thai phrases as if they were individual words, and simply to manually add the Thai text.

Over 700 vocabulary

I'm adding new words all the time, but I'm pleased to see that the website now has over 700 vocabulary items...

Over 700 vocabulary

Words now with Thai script!

I had resisted having any Thai script on the site; mostly because I wanted to keep the site focussed on the aural-oral approach, but also because I don't yet read Thai, so it wasn't useful for me.  And since I'm the main user of the site, I decided I wanted to focus on other things: quantity of vocabulary and phrases, and functionality of the website itself (i.e. how the website technically interacts with the user).  Well, now I'm learning to read Thai, I decided that the website would be better with the Thai transcription for each word.  So, that's what each word will now have.

Thai alphabet lesson