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Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn
"All right! Would you like some wine to accompany your dish?" Practice
"And you? Where are you from? (informal)" Practice
"And you? Where are you from?" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 1)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 2)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 3)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue part 4)" Practice
"At the restaurant (dialogue)" Practice
"Can I invite you to a restaurant? Sorry, I have an appointment." Practice
"Excellent choice, it’s divine! And as a main course?" Practice
"Excellent idea! I’ll take a glass of red house wine as well as a half liter of water." Practice
"Follow me madam, I will accompany you to your table. Will you have an apéritif?" Practice
"Here is your mojito. I hope it will suit your taste. Have you made your choice?" Practice
"I certainly will! Thank you and see you soon!" Practice
"My village and region (dialogue)" Practice
"On the street (dialogue)" Practice
"Paris is in the north. Marseille is in the south." Practice
"The connection is not working. We should call the IT expert." Practice
"You don’t look well. You should go to the doctor." Practice
"You have children to entertain? No problem. Here, there are numerous leisures for young people: tennis, mini-golf, horse riding, and multiple sporting activities." Practice