Over 1000 Thai words!

I am pleased to say that Lingopolo now has over 1000 Thai words!  You can see the exact number by looking at the Thai words lesson. This doesn't even include the Thai phrases, of which there are already hundreds. I try and add a few new Thai words or phrases every day (as you can see from checking the recent additions page).  If you have any Thai words which you would like me to add, do let me know.  I'm off now to add another few words...

New Thai lesson: Kitchen

Following hot on the heels of the new lesson for living room objects in Thai, I am pleased to announce the addition of a new lesson for kitchen objects in Thai.

Firstly, of course, we have the Thai word for kitchen.

We have the Thai words for all the big equipment: oven, refrigerator, washing machine.

Lesson Progress tab added

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a "Lesson Progress" tab for each lesson.  This shows exactly which words are at each level of progress.  

New Thai lesson: Living Room

I am pleased to announce a new Thai lesson: the Living Room.

New words now get announced

Now, whenever you are doing a quiz and see a Thai word for the first time, it gets announced as shown below.  Before, when doing a quiz, you could get tossed a new Thai word and not know whether or not it was new, or whether it was just something which you had forgotten.  This was not very satisfying.  Now, with the new system, whenever you are shown a new word, it is made absolutely clear that the word really is new.

New checkbox for use when you already know a word

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a "Mark this word as fully known" checkbox.  Selecting this checkbox will basically mean that you will not be asked that particular word any more. How does that help?  Well, if you are an advanced learner, and are doing (say) the lesson on animals, if there is a word you already know because you have learnt it before coming to Lingopolo, then you can now tell Lingopolo not to bother you again with that word.  In the screen shown below, if you were to click the "Mark this word as fully known (i.e.

More vegetables

I am pleased to say that I have added a whole bunch of new vegetables to the Thai vegetables lesson.  There were a few vegetables before, but I decided to beef it up (vegetable it up?) with a concerted effort to get a fairly definitive list of basic vegetables.

New additions include:

Phrases get Thai text added

One change I have just finished is the automatic calculation of the Thai text for phrases. The image below shows how one of the Thai phrases previously looked.  Although each of the individual words may well have the Thai text, the phrase itself did not.  Of course, it would have been possible for me to treat each of the Thai phrases as if they were individual words, and simply to manually add the Thai text.

Little usability enhancements to lesson pages

I have made a few small usability enhancements to the lesson pages which I'll go through here.  Each one of them is very small, almost unnoticable, but for Lingopolo to be really easy-to-use, it is the attention to such details which can make all the difference between a user saying "I really like using" and them thinking the opposite because it becomes difficult to use.  The user usually won't know what makes a site difficult or easy to use; the answer is usually the cumulative effect of all the design decisions small and large.

Over 700 vocabulary

I'm adding new words all the time, but I'm pleased to see that the website now has over 700 vocabulary items...

Over 700 vocabulary