What is the teaching method of Lingopolo?

Our teaching focus on Lingopolo is on listening and getting you to understand what you hear spoken, and when you can understand what is being spoken, getting you to speak.   When you can understand what is being said by someone else, it is much easier to be able to say these things yourself.

As well as this we teach you power phrases - those useful phrases which you will use all the time (e.g. "Hello", "Thank you", "Can I have the bill please", "How do you say xxx in Thai?").  

We build up your language comprehension skills naturally by building up sentences in a pyramid-like way.  For example, first you might learn to understand some nouns (e.g. "man", "woman", "dog", "banana", "two"), then you learn to understand some verbs (e.g. "to like", "to eat"), and then we very quickly start putting them together into simple phrases like "The man likes the dog", "The woman eats two bananas".  Our emphasis here is not on forcing you to speak before you are ready, but on making sure that you understand what is spoken, that you are learning to process language in a very natural way.

Any language learning has 4 main skills:

  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading 
  • writing

At Lingopolo we make the listening to Thai (and of course comprehending what is said), the fundamental platform upon which each of the other skills are built.