Really big fan of your website and service... Very helpful!


Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate Lingopolo. I'm a beginner with a Thai partner and a strong interest in languages. I'm finding Thai very challenging but enjoy using Lingopolo very much, primarily on the train on the way to work. I'm an engineer (so like a structured method) but I also have a couple of degrees in teaching, including TESOL, so I'm finding the pedagogical dimension of what you've created to be fascinating.
Great work!

John M

I can't thank you enough as it was your site that got my Thai language skills up to a passable level so quickly. I was frustrated with the other language tutors out there that concentrate on phrases which doesn't help when you don't understand the individual words. Learning first the words and compound words first and then moving on to phrases is the best way to go. Then the longer narratives for putting it all together. Thanks again,

Raymond Dick

Lingopolo.com is a fantastic language learning website to learn Dutch. The course is based on quiz. It has a vast collection of Dutch vocabulary and phrases. There are 100+ quizzes available here to teach you Dutch. All you have to do is, play the quiz and guess the correct answer by listening to the audio playbacks. Various situation examples and grammar lessons help you with learning Dutch in better way.

List of Freeware

Thank you so much Hugh! I just came across your brilliant website today... Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Lumkes