English-Thai Dialogues - A

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Alex and Mac are going to Ann’s house (Dialogue)
  • Alex and Mack are going to Ann’s house.
  • Ann’s house is far from Alex and Mack’s house.
  • About 3 kilometers.
  • Mack has one horse.
  • Mack’s horse is already old.
  • Mack’s horses’ name is Charlie.
  • Mack says to Alex, "Alex! You can ride my horse and get him to run"
  • but Alex said
  • I don’t want the horse to run because the horse is very old.
  • Alex tells Mack, ‘Ann’s house is far away. We can ride the horse together’
  • Mack says, "I don’t want to ride because the horse is very old".
  • I can go on foot. (male speaker)
  • when they arrived at Ann’s house
  • they saw Ann wearing a white shirt under the tree
  • Ann was under the tree with a monkey.
  • The monkey had a white face and a very long tail.
  • The horse saw the monkey and the horse cried out ‘neigh!’
  • The monkey saw the horse and cried out "Ooo ooo".
  • And then the monkey ran up the tree.
  • Alex, Mack and Ann laughed.
  • The monkey saw the horse do nothing so he came down from the tree.
  • Then the monkey got up on the back of the horse to ride it.
  • The horse walked around.
  • All three of them laughed.
  • The horse cried out ‘neigh’!
  • The monkey cried out "Ooo ooo"
  • Mack said to Ann "Can I bring my horse to eat the grass here?"
  • Ann answered ‘yes, so my monkey will have a friend’. (female polite form)
Americans at work in Bangkok (Dialogue)
  • Where are you going? (male polite form)
  • I’m going to work. (male polite form)
  • Where do you work? (male polite form)
  • I work at the American Embassy. (male polite form)
  • Does your friend work at the Embassy too? (male polite form)
  • No. (male polite form)
  • What is his work? (male polite form)
  • He’s a USIS officer. (male polite form)
  • Where is his office? (male polite form)
  • On South Sathorn Street
Are you hungry? (Dialogue)
  • Are you hungry? (male polite form)
  • Yes, I’m hungry
  • Shall we go to eat? (male polite form)
  • yes (for female speakers)
  • Where are we going? (female polite form)
  • We’re going to a restaurant in town.
  • What do you like? (male polite form)
  • I like pork and beef, and you?
  • I like chicken, vegetables and fruit. (male polite form)
  • How is the food?
  • The food is really delicious. (male polite form)
  • Thank you for dinner
  • You’re welcome. (male polite form)
  • Pleased to meet you. (female polite form)
  • Pleased to meet you. (male polite form)
  • See you again next week. (male polite form)
  • Yes, see you again next week.
At noon you are going to eat. What time will you return?
  • At noon you are going to eat.
  • What time will you return?
At the hotel (Dialogue)
  • Hello. (male polite form)
  • hello (female polite form)
  • Do you have any rooms? (male polite form)
  • Yes, we have double and twin rooms.
  • I want a twin room, with hot shower, bath and a balcony.
  • yes (for female speakers)
  • Does the room have a seaview? (male polite form)
  • We have both with a seaview and without a seaview.
  • How much is a room with a seaview? (male polite form)
  • 2800 baht
  • And how much is a room without a seaview? (male polite form)
  • 2000 baht. (female polite form)
  • OK, I’ll take the twin room with a seaview.
At the language school (dialogue)
  • At the language school where you studied are there many Thais?
  • Many people. (male polite form)
  • How many Thai language students are there?
  • I don’t know (formal, polite form)
  • How many students are there in your class?
  • Five people. (male polite form)
  • What are you both studying?
  • Reading, speaking, writing, and translating.
  • What languages do they teach?
  • Many languages. They have Vietnamese, Lao, French, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Altogether how many teachers of different nationalities are there? (male polite form)
  • Dozens of people. (male polite form)
At the restaurant (Dialogue)
  • What would you like to drink? (female polite form)
  • Orange juice with ice please.
  • Do you want any food? (female polite form)
  • I would like fried cashew chicken and rice.
  • Could I have the bill please?
  • How much is it please?
  • 1540 baht. (female polite form)
  • Please keep the change
  • Thank you. (female polite form)