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Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn
"Do you know? When he will return? (male polite form)" PracticeLearn
"He came to a party at my house at 7 p.m. What time did he get home?" PracticeLearn
"Her son called you. What did he say? Please call him." PracticeLearn
"This is Bangjak sub-district. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Tomorrow morning you are going to pick up a friend at Don Mueang. What time will you go back to work?" PracticeLearn
"Where are the shoes? They are under the table." PracticeLearn
"Where is the bag? It’s on the floor." PracticeLearn
"Where is the blackboard? It’s under the the clock." PracticeLearn
"Where is the book? It’s under the coffee cup." PracticeLearn
"Where is the clock? It’s above the blackboard." PracticeLearn
"Where is the map? It’s on the wall." PracticeLearn
"Where is the telephone? It’s on the table." PracticeLearn
"Yesterday he went to Boston. What time today will he come back?" PracticeLearn
"Yesterday you went to the embassy. What time did you go back to the school?" PracticeLearn
"You are going to go shopping at the market in the late afternoon. What time will you come back?" PracticeLearn
"You are going to see the doctor this afternoon. What time will you return home?" PracticeLearn
"You are going to the meeting at 2 p.m. What time will you return?" PracticeLearn
"Your friend called. What did he say? Please call him." PracticeLearn
"Your older sister called. What did she say? Please call her." PracticeLearn
"Your wife called. What did she say? Please call her." PracticeLearn