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All of our lessons are divided into easy-to-use categories. You can study in whichever way you prefer; by thematic lesson such as colours or animals, by particular parts of speech such as nouns or verbs or even by our complete global collection of vocabulary and phrases.
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Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn

Themed Thai Lessons

Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn
Adjectives for peopleLearn
At the seasideLearn
Body partsLearn
Colours (with classifier)Learn
Comparatives and SuperlativesLearn
Dairy and EggsLearn
Dates and timesLearn
Days of the weekLearn
In the parkLearn
Living roomLearn
Months of the yearLearn
Months of the year (with classifier)Learn
Months with 30 daysLearn
Months with 31 daysLearn
Musical InstrumentsLearn
Numbers 0-10Learn
Numbers 11-20Learn
Numbers over 20Learn
On the farmLearn
Ordinal numbersLearn
Party or CelebrationLearn
People's NamesLearn
Question wordsLearn
Restaurant menuLearn
Sea CreaturesLearn
Telling the timeLearn
The Solar SystemLearn
Top 10 adjectivesLearn
Top 10 prepositionsLearn
Top 10 verbsLearn
Useful phrasesLearn

Themed Thai Examples

Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn
Adjectives for people ExamplesLearn
Animals ExamplesLearn
At the seaside ExamplesLearn
Bathroom ExamplesLearn
Bedroom ExamplesLearn
Birds ExamplesLearn
Body parts ExamplesLearn
Clothes ExamplesLearn
Colours (with classifier) ExamplesLearn
Colours ExamplesLearn
Comparatives ExamplesLearn
Comparatives and Superlatives ExamplesLearn
Countries ExamplesLearn
Dairy and Eggs ExamplesLearn
Dates and times ExamplesLearn
Days of the week ExamplesLearn
Drink ExamplesLearn
Emotions ExamplesLearn
Family ExamplesLearn
Flowers ExamplesLearn
Food ExamplesLearn
Fractions ExamplesLearn
Fruit ExamplesLearn
House ExamplesLearn
In the park ExamplesLearn
Jobs ExamplesLearn
Kitchen ExamplesLearn
Living room ExamplesLearn
Materials ExamplesLearn
Miscellaneous ExamplesLearn
Months of the year (with classifier) ExamplesLearn
Months of the year ExamplesLearn
Months with 30 days ExamplesLearn
Months with 31 days ExamplesLearn
Musical Instruments ExamplesLearn
Numbers 0-10 ExamplesLearn
Numbers 11-20 ExamplesLearn
Numbers ExamplesLearn
Numbers over 20 ExamplesLearn
Office ExamplesLearn
On the farm ExamplesLearn
Ordinal numbers ExamplesLearn
Party or Celebration ExamplesLearn
People ExamplesLearn
People's Names ExamplesLearn
Pets ExamplesLearn
Places ExamplesLearn
Question words ExamplesLearn
Relatives ExamplesLearn
Restaurant ExamplesLearn
Restaurant menu ExamplesLearn
Sea Creatures ExamplesLearn
Shapes ExamplesLearn
Shopping ExamplesLearn
Sports ExamplesLearn
Stationery ExamplesLearn
Superlatives ExamplesLearn
Telling the time ExamplesLearn
The Solar System ExamplesLearn
Top 10 adjectives ExamplesLearn
Top 10 prepositions ExamplesLearn
Top 10 verbs ExamplesLearn
Toys ExamplesLearn
Transport ExamplesLearn
Travel ExamplesLearn
Useful phrases ExamplesLearn
Vegetables ExamplesLearn
Weather ExamplesLearn


Lesson NameWords & PhrasesQuizLearn
"Alex and Mac are going to Ann’s house (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Americans at work in Bangkok (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Are you hungry? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"At the hotel (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"At the language school (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"At the restaurant (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the Americans go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the army go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the doctors go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the government employees go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the policemen go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the students go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the teachers go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Did the traders go? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Do you have any brothers or sisters? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Establishing Identity and Ownership of Objects (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Finding out someone’s name (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Going to Don Muang to pick up a friend (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Greeting someone (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Greeting someone (dialogue, female speakers)" PracticeLearn
"Hello, how are you? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Housework (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"I eat vegetables; I don’t eat meat. (male speaker)" PracticeLearn
"I like dogs; you don’t like dogs" PracticeLearn
"I like fish; I don’t like shrimps." PracticeLearn
"I like to eat meat; I don’t like to eat vegetables." PracticeLearn
"I like to sleep at night; I don’t like to sleep during the day." PracticeLearn
"I want tea; I don’t want coffee." PracticeLearn
"I want this one; I don’t want that one." PracticeLearn
"Identifying objects (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"It’s Brown isn’t it? No. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"It’s Brown isn’t it? Yes. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"I’ve been to watch a movie. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"John Smith (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"John and Jim go to school with each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"John and Jim speak German to each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Mary and Jenny go to the market with each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Meeting someone (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Mr. Smith meets a Thai in the provinces (Dialogue - Part 1)" PracticeLearn
"Mr. Smith meets a Thai in the provinces (Dialogue - Part 2)" PracticeLearn
"My name is Prapas. Hello Prapas. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"My name is Prapas. Sorry, what is your name? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"My name is Prasert (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Next week I’m free; I’m going to see you." PracticeLearn
"Social Formula (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Surname’s Smith, right? Yes. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"The day after tomorrow I’m free. Are you free?" PracticeLearn
"The teacher and the student speak Thai to each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"They know each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"We both study Thai (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"We speak English to each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"We speak Thai together (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Were are you going today? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What are some of the countries in Asia? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What are some of the provinces in Northern Thailand? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What are some of the provinces in northeast Thailand? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What are some of the states in America? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What is this called? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What language do Central Thai speak? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What language does he speak? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What languages does he speak? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"What nationalities are there at the U.N.? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Where are you from? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Where are you going today? (Dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Who is in that room? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Who's in that room? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some books? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some chairs? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some newspapers? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some notebooks? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some pencils (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some pens? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some pictures (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You bought some watches (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some chairs? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some maps? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some newspapers? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some notebooks? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some pencils? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some pens? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some pictures? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You sold some watches (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You with my friend know each other (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name is Prapas, isn’t it? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name is Prasat isn’t it? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name is Prasit isn’t it? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name is Tawon isn't it? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name is Tawon isn’t it? (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"Your name’s John isn’t? Yes. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn
"You’re Tawon right? No, that is not correct. (dialogue)" PracticeLearn