Lingopolo Dutch is born

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Dutch to the Lingopolo family, joining its Thai and French siblings!

In fact the Dutch site is currently very small compared to the other Lingopolo sites. Here is a list of how many recordings each site has (the numbers are accurate at the moment of writing and will likely have changed by the time you look):

Now 1800 French recordings! And growing at 400 per month!!

I am very pleased to report that the number of French recordings on Lingopolo has now gone over 1800. The other thing which I am excited about is that in the past 2 months alone, around 800 new recordings have been added!! This means that recordings are currently being added at the rate of 400 per month! This all adds up to a better language-learning experience for you: a wider vocabulary with more examples of each word being used. Happy Lingopolo French study!

Over 1000 French recordings!

I am very pleased to report that Lingopolo now already has over 1000 recordings! In fact, at the time of writing there are 1081 separate recordings (of which 733 are words and 339 are phrases).

The snapshot today is shown below, but at any time you can check the French Statistics page for the latest figures.

Doubled French recordings to over 600!

I am very pleased to say that the French section of Lingopolo is rapidly expanding. Already we have well over 600 recordings (665 at the time of writing). 

665 French recordings

This is already about double the figure of around 300 recordings on 2nd December 2013.

You can at any time check the latest figures at the French Statistics page.

Now around 300 French recordings!

I am pleased to say that we have now reached around 300 French recordings:

French Statistics

You can check the French Statistics page at any time for the most recent figures.

Lingopolo French is born!

I am pleased to announce, that from 29th October 2013, Lingopolo is now available for French!

Lingopolo has steadily been teaching Thai for the last year, but now the moment has come to add French to the family.


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